About the project: Objectives

The main objective of the EnRichMar project is to increase the value of convenience food by adding functional ingredients, produced from underutilised marine based raw materials and by-products from fish processing, with confirmed bioavailability. The focus will be placed on ingredients such as powder of fish oil and seaweed extracts which may enhance positive health effects and stability, enhance flavour and consequently contribute to salt reduction of the products to meet market demand. The aim is to strengthen the competiveness and increase market share of the companies involved and create business opportunities in national and European markets.

To reach these objectives, the project is divided into the following phases:

1) Scale up of the production of functional ingredients from seaweeds and to produce sufficient amount of seaweed extracts for the project.

2) A marketing survey including a web-based concept testing among selected European consumers to identify consumer segments interested in enriched products in order to direct the further product development to meet the needs and wants of those segments, and to gather and integrate knowledge on consumers and other aspects of potential markets to increase the possibility for SMEs to successfully penetrate to the identified markets.

3) Product development of (oven ready) seafood dishes, cereal and dairy products with bioactive compounds from low value or by-products, such as seaweed and fish oil, and to study the influence of process storage etc. on the stability of the ingredients and the products.

4) Physiological effect of consuming enriched convenience food will be tested by in-vitro and in-vivo studies. The bioactivity and physiological effects of consuming food enriched with seaweed extract and omega 3 powder will be studied, with a focus on mental performance and anti-oxidant effect