About the project: Methodology and Work Packages

Research, technological development and innovation related activities will be divided into four work packages. A brief overview of these work packages is given below.

In the first step of the project (WP1), a scale-up of seaweed extract will be done and the outcome of this work package will be documented and verified scaled up processes, in addition to significant amounts of characterized end products which will be used within WP3 and WP4.

WP2 focuses on identifying consumer segments interested in enriched products in order to direct further product development to meet the needs and wants of those segments. Knowledge on consumers and other aspects of potential markets will be gathered and integrated to increase the possibility for SMEs to successfully penetrate to the identified markets. The SMEs will have access on holistic knowledge regarding different aspects of enriched product markets. Different concepts of enriched seafood, dairy and cereal products will be tested in markets of main interest to the SMEs in the project and external market analysis and internal company analysis will be conducted. In WP3, (oven ready) seafood dishes, dairy and cereal products enriched with the seaweed extract and omega-3 powder will be developed. The effects of the processing and ingredients on sensory characteristics and stability of the developed products will be evaluated. The results will be used to guide the choices of recipes for the product development. This step may require necessary process optimisations, in which cases the SMEs need technical help from RTD. Sensory characteristics will be analysed, the shelf life of the novel enriched food products will be determined and consumer liking of 2-3 of the products developed per food category will be tested.  In WP4, the bioactivity of seaweed extract and omega-3 powder will be analysed by in-vitro experiments. The outcome of the in-vitro studies will be used to decide on which physiological effects and which effects on stress and mental health of consuming food enriched with seaweed extract and omega-3 powder will be tested in human volunteers in the intervention study (in-vivo). The intervention study will be performed in a double blind cross-over design. Measurements to be performed will be according to recommendations of EFSA.

Other activities

WP5 will focus on both the dissemination of the results and training for the SMEs. There will be transfer of knowledge from the RTD partners to the SMEs in the form of training workshop. Topics of the workshop will be technological solutions and know-how developed within the project. The consortium will organise a project website that will be used partly for communication between partners and will partly be open to the public. This WP also includes IPR and exploitation management. This includes the monitoring of the results and taking care of IPR ownership and effective exploitation. Consortium management in WP6 will deal with the overall coordination of the EnRichMar project. This includes coordination and monitoring of project activities, reporting to European Commission and financial and administrative management.