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EnRichMar final meeting

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EnRichMar final project meeting was held on 27-29th of October 2015 and hosted by University of Milano in Italy. In connection with the meeting, an internal workshop was organised for the SMEs participating in the project with a focus on creating value for the SMEs. The objective was to provide the SMEs with first-hand information on how to generate further SME value, by guiding the SMEs on best practices towards placing products on the market. The topics in the workshop were of high relevance for the participating companies involved in EnRichMar. The focus was on functional ingredients and their benefits, outcome and use of the intervention results in relation to how the SMEs can utilise the results and an example of implementation of the EnRichMar results.

The EnRichMar project was finalised in December 2015. The research within this two year project has generated valuable information for the companies involved, e.g. market information, information about functional ingredients, the effects of consumption of enriched food products on the human body and mind, and consumer driven research. Several enriched products were developed within the project and some are near market launch.